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Upcoming Streaming Event

THIS SATURDAY - APRIL 18, 2020 - 7pm CST

Presented by Punk Rock Storytellers Unplugged via Facebook Live

Live music! Our Lord of the Beat Mark Soriano remains hunkered down on the North side of MKE, so we will once again be performing as the "DBC Trio". We have been asked to contribute to the Punk Rock Storytellers Unplugged series which highlights local artists. This is a platform for musicians to play their original music and give some insight on how they operate. Where they're coming from, ya know?

In addition to playing some of our songs for you, we'll be talking about topics like: how the band came to be, what some of the songs are about, and how we approach the writing process.

The set will be performed for you on Facebook Live via the Dropbear Collective page. In the mean time, check out some previous performances on the Punk Rock Storytellers Unplugged page. Links are provided below.

SATURDAY APRIL 18, 2020 - 7pm CST

"See" you there!

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